Apple Casinos

Apple is one of the most popular companies in the world. Through their products they offer a wide range of options for gamblers.

They offer Macintosh brand desk top computers and lap tops for home users, and iPhones and iPads for the mobile market.

Though the number of Mac users doesn’t come near the number of Windows based personal computer users, the mobile market for Apple products is strong. Almost as many people use iPads and iPhones as other options, creating a thriving market of potential players for mobile casinos.

How to Find a Casino

The easiest way to find an Apple casino is by reading the reviews offered on this site.

Not every online casino serves the South Africa market and not every casino has an Apple friendly solution.

This site is designed to save you time and energy by conducting the research for you. You don’t have to look through hundreds of mobile and online casinos to find the best options for your play.

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If you already play at an online casino and want to know if they offer an app for play on your iPhone or iPad simply go to the home page of the casino and look for a mobile section or a list of supported devices. If you don’t see a mobile section on the web site look for the site map or look along the bottom of the home page. Most casinos list available devices toward the bottom of the home page.

If you still aren’t having any luck, contact the support department. The odds of an online casino offering a solution for Apple users that don’t list it on their main page aren’t good. Online casinos realize how big the Apple market is so they usually plaster the fact that they offer an app all over their main site.


The most popular Apple casino product is the iPhone.

Mobile phone users stand in line and pay large amounts of money to get the latest iPhone version, and each version seems to have multiple releases. I remember the release of the iPhone 4 a then the iPhone 4s, the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 6, etc.

The good news is most mobile casino software and apps designed for Apple products will work on your iPhone no matter what version you have. You might need to update your iOS, but your phone should be compatible.

Many Apple users also have iPads that use the same basic software and support the same Mobile casinos as iPhones do.

The nice thing about playing Apple casino games on your iPad is the screen is bigger than the one on the iPhone and offers a better gaming experience.

Apple Options in Rand

It seems like every web site I visit is designed for players in the United States or the United Kingdom. You can sign up here and play in Euros or Pounds, or sign up there and play in US dollars, but no one seems to mention Rand.

Does this mean you can’t play in your native currency?

The online and mobile casino owners are starting to realize how many South African players are available so they’ve started offering more options to play in Rand.

Most of the casinos reviewed and recommended on this web site let SA players play in Rand.

As you look through the reviews to find casinos available for Apple users take a look at the available currencies as well.

Other Options

Here’s a secret that many iPad users don’t know.

Even if an online casino doesn’t offer an app specifically for Apple users, you may still be able to play using the browser on your iPad.

Many online casinos offer no download, browser based, or flash versions of their software. To play these versions all you have to do is navigate to them in the browser on your iPad.

Once you find the browser based version simply sign up for an account and you can start playing immediately.

While most iPhones also have a way to access browser based platforms, the games are usually too big to play on the smaller screen. You might be able to see the games but using the small action buttons and controls can be challenging.

One of the main reasons players like using an iPhone or iPad is because they always have them with them. You can play anywhere you have cell phone service or Internet access.

If you have a Macintosh or other type of lap top, you can also get a mobile hot spot that lets you access the Internet anywhere cell service is available.

I can take my lap top and mobile hot spot device and play my favorite casino games almost anywhere. This isn’t quite as handy as playing on my cell phone or tablet, but I have the widest range of available casino options this way.

If you use a lap top and a hot spot you can play full download versions of online casinos as well as no download options.

You’ll still need your mobile device to use most apps, but if you’re playing casino games the version available on your lap top is at least as good as the app version, and is usually superior in many ways. If nothing else the lap top offers a bigger screen.


If you own an Apple device or are considering buying one, they offer plenty of mobile gaming and casino options. Whether you want to play blackjack while waiting for the doctor or play the latest slots games or video poker while riding the trolley, your iPad or iPhone can offer everything you need.

While most web sites aren’t built with the South African market in mind, that’s exactly what this site is about. Find the best Apple options for SA players, options to play in Rand, exclusive Rand bonuses, and the safest casinos available all here at