Mac Casinos

The world is filled with Mac users and South Africa is no different.

Did you know if you live in South Africa and use a Mac computer you can access some of the best online casino games?

The first online casino software platforms didn’t offer Mac users a chance to play, but online casinos quickly realized they were missing a large group of possible players.

For many years now Mac casinos have been available.

Top Casinos Compatible with Apple Products

RankCasinoNew Player BonusRead ReviewVisit Casino
1 Fly Casino110% up to R1,500Read ReviewPlay Now!
2 Omni Casino100% up to R1,400Read ReviewPlay Now!
3 Springbok Casino100% up to R1,500Read ReviewPlay Now!
4 Yebo CasinoUp to R12,000Read ReviewPlay Now!

Are All Browser Based Casinos Mac Compatible?

Browser based online casinos are called many different things. The most common names are no download and flash, but basically any online casino that loads in the browser without requiring a download is the same.

While I can’t guarantee 100% that all browser based online casinos and games are compatible with Mac computers I can say that all of them I’ve seen and used are.

The main reason online casinos started designing their games in flash and other no download options was so they could access the Mac user market. It doesn’t make any sense to me for an online casino to develop a version of a no download platform that isn’t Mac compatible, but just because something doesn’t make sense to me doesn’t mean it’s not true.

I can tell you one thing for sure though. All of the online casinos that are offered on this web site that have information in the reviews that state they have a no download version will work on Mac computers.

How to Find a Casino

I’ve already done almost all of the work for you when it comes time to find a safe Mac casino. Read the reviews on this web site to find the safest and best online casinos that serve the South African market.

Any casino review that says the casino offers a no download, flash, or browser based version is Mac compatible.

If you already play at an online casino and want to know if you can play on your Mac send a quick note to the support department or check the main casino home page to see if they offer a no download version of their games.

When you start looking elsewhere for Macintosh casinos simply look for anything that doesn’t require a download.

Are the Same Games Available?

The only situation where it’s possible the same casino games aren’t available to Mac users as those available to Windows users is if an online casino offers both a download and a no download version of their software.

Most online casinos that have both download and no download options offer the same suite of games so usually all the available games are the same.

You can occasionally find an online casino that doesn’t offer as many games in their browser based platform so it’s still a good idea to check for your favorite games before making a deposit.

This is usually only the case for slot machines. Table games like blackjack or craps are almost always available across every available solution.

What about Bonuses?

Mac casinos offer the same bonuses as other versions of the same online casino software. You should be able to receive the same sign up deposit bonuses and re load bonuses available to Windows personal computer users.

While I don’t remember ever seeing a term or condition that makes a distinction between Mac and Windows users, you need to always thoroughly read the T&C documents anyway before making a deposit or accepting a bonus so you can keep an eye out for anything that would make a Mac user different than a non Mac casino player.

What’s the Difference Between Mac and Apple Casinos?

Apple is the name of the company that makes iPads and iPhones and Macintosh is the name of the computers made by Apple.

iPhones and iPads are mobile devices and mostly use mobile casino apps for casinos. Mac users access browser based online casinos available on the Internet.

I realize that to some people this may sound like the same thing but it isn’t. Most computers can’t use apps and most online casino solutions don’t work well on cell phones or tablets.

You can play some no download casinos on tablets and cell phones, but many of them have screens that are too small.

Are Mac Casinos Safe?

Many players believe that Mac computers are safer than Windows computers because they aren’t as likely to get viruses. From this aspect they probably are safer.

From the standpoint of general safe online casino play the casinos available for Macintosh users are the same available for Windows users so they have the same level of safety.

Everyone knows that if you aren’t aware and educated about doing any type of business online you run a risk of getting taken advantage of or losing money. The online casino industry is no different.

Most online casinos are safe and if you read real and trusted reviews like those on this web site you can avoid playing at bad online casinos.

Always do your own investigation and learn as much as possible before playing with real money. While I trust every casino I recommend you won’t find a 100% safe solution to anything in life. Don’t gamble with money you can’t live without and only play at established casinos and you have the best chance of being safe.


Mac casinos are easy to find and offer the same great games that Windows users play. Take a quick look at the safe SA online casinos reviewed on this site. All of them that offer no download play are available for Mac users.