Low Limit Casinos

Many online casinos offer great options for low limit players.

I’ve seen these players called low rollers, but it doesn’t matter what you call them. You can find many low limit casinos in any market.

The South African casino market is no different. Every online casino reviewed and recommended on Casino South Africa has a lot to offer low limit players.

Keep reading to learn more about the best games and bonuses for South African low limit casino players.

Best Low Limit Casinos for South African Players

RankCasinoNew Player BonusRead ReviewVisit Casino
1 Fly Casino110% up to R1,500Read ReviewPlay Now!
2 Omni Casino100% up to R1,400Read ReviewPlay Now!
3 Springbok Casino100% up to R1,500Read ReviewPlay Now!
4 Yebo CasinoUp to R12,000Read ReviewPlay Now!


The key to every low limit casino player is finding games she can play that don’t eat away at the limited bankroll very fast.

You need to combine games that don’t require a high minimum wager with games that offer a low house edge. It also helps to play casino games that operate slowly.

Players have control of how fast some games play like slots and video poker. You can spin as fast as you can or slow down and only spin once a minute or less.

The slowest games in most casinos are Pai Gow Poker and keno. Of course if you play keno online instead of in a land based casino you can play as fast as you want. If you play keno online play it just like in a live casino. Just play a single draw every five or ten minutes.

When you play online you can slow down almost any game because you aren’t holding up the other players at the table. So make it a point to play slowly to extend your bankroll and playing time.

The next step is finding games that require low minimum bets. Slot machines are usually the best, offering wagers as low as a single Rand or lower. The reason I say or lower is because it depends on the casino and how they convert currencies. Many slot machines offer bets as low as a penny a spin in US dollars which is roughly equivalent to .13 Rand.

Video poker machines often have wagers of a Rand or less per spin, but you might not be eligible for the top pay outs if you don’t bet the maximum amount.

Other possibilities include blackjack and baccarat that often are available for 15 Rand or less per hand.

The final thing to consider is the games offering the lowest house edge. Blackjack and some video poker machines can offer a house edge of less than 1%. Baccarat and craps offer wagers that have just over a 1% house edge.

Every low roller has favorite games, but if you want the best online options I suggest either blackjack or video poker. As long as you play slowly and use the best strategy you should be able to play as long as possible on your bankroll.

Here’s an example:

If you find good rules and play perfect strategy you can play online blackjack with a house edge of around a half percent. That means for every 1,000 Rand you bet the casino will keep about 50 Rand.

If you deposit 100 Rand and get a matching bonus of 100 rand you’ll start playing with 200 Rand.

With a minimum bet of 15 Rand per hand if you play 50 hands per hour you’ll bet 750 Rand per hour. That’s a loss on average of 37.5 Rand per hour. You should be able to play over five hours on average on your deposit.

But if you only play 25 hands per hour you can play almost 11 hours on average on the same deposit.

Of course sometimes you’ll play much longer and other times you’ll hit a poor streak and lose your bankroll earlier, but you can use the same type of calculations to determine how long your bankroll should last in any game.


Almost every online casino will offer a matching deposit bonus on your first deposit. Many of them offer 100% or more.

Here’s an example:

A casino offers a 100% bonus up to 10,000 Rand. You deposit 500 Rand and the casino gives you another 500 to play with.

Because this page is about low limit casinos and players I wanted to mention a special kind of bonus that low rollers like.

No deposit bonuses are small real money amounts some online casinos offer that don’t require a real money deposit. You might be able to find a 100 Rand no deposit bonus or something similar.

If you’re careful and play the low limit casino games mentioned above you can make even a small stake like this last for a long time.

Minimum Deposits

One of the biggest obstacles low limit casino players face is making deposits and the minimum deposit limits of the casinos.

Some deposit methods require a minimum amount and most casinos have an overall minimum amount.

The only way to know the minimum amount for each casino and deposit method is to check the reviews on this site and then the specific casino web sites for the information that I didn’t include in the reviews.

It’s not uncommon to find a minimum deposit amount of 250 or 500 Rand in many online casinos.

If you don’t have enough to make the minimum deposit for the method you choose to use the only thing you can do is save money until you do have enough.

Even if you can just set aside 100 Rand a week you’ll quickly have enough for a minimum deposit.

While you wait for your bankroll to build you can still play all of the casino games for free. You can go ahead and sign up for a free account and try out all of the games and then when you make your first deposit you’ll already know what you want to play.


Low limit casinos are available everywhere you look online. Only play at the safest and best for the SA market by reading the reviews and picking from those listed on this web site.

Look for the best bonus offers and choose the best games to play and even if you’re a low roller you should still be able to enjoy hours and hours of online play.