High Roller Casinos

Are you a high roller?

Do you deposit thousands at a time and look for games offering high limits for potential high rewards?

Everyone and each casino has a different level they consider high roller, but I always felt like you knew if you’re a high roller or not. If you have any question about it you probably aren’t a high roller.

The fact is that high rollers have a different gambling experience than most of the rest of us. High rollers have access to things we don’t.

Land based casinos send private jets to pick them up, offer top of the line limo services and free hotel rooms to secure and keep high roller patrons.

Online casinos also have much to offer high roller players.

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The casino industry, both online and land based, is based on making a profit for the owners of the casinos. They know that the way to make a profit is get as much money wagered on their casino games as possible.

Casino games are designed to take a predictable amount of money as profit over time. Each game, slot machine, or other form of gambling provides a small percentage of profit for the owners on average.

Here’s an example:

An online slot machine might have a long term house edge of 5%. That means for every 100,000 Rand wagered on the machine the average profit for the casino will be 5,000 Rand. Some players will win and some will lose, but over time the amount of profit for the casino will be 5,000 out of every 100,000 wagered.

What does all of this have to do with perks for high rollers?

High rollers wager more per hand or spin than any other players. This means the casinos have a chance to make more money faster from high rollers, so they can afford to offer bigger and better perks to their high roller casino patrons.

If you’re truly an online high roller casino player you shouldn’t play unless the casino is willing to offer you perks better than normal players can get.

You should get better bonuses, possibly a cash back deal, better player’s club rewards, and anything else you can negotiate.

The problem is many players want better perks so they claim they’ll play a certain amount or deposit so much to try to get the casino to offer something and then not follow through.

If you want to work around this pick one of the safe casinos recommended on this site, make a deposit and establish a track record as a high roller and then contact the support department.

Explain that you’re considering playing somewhere else that offers better perks for high rollers but you wanted to give them a chance to keep your play.

Before you contact them, try to decide what you really want.

Extra bonuses are nice, but cash back on losses is often better. Free entries to special tournaments or even land based events are also interesting to some players.

Many casino players like to dabble in poker and enjoy big poker tournaments. Many online casinos have poker rooms and some of them give prizes of entries to big land based poker tournaments.

If you want to play in these types of events see if the casino can offer anything like this in exchange for a certain amount of play.

When you play at a high enough level almost anything can be negotiated.


The most popular high roller games are blackjack and slot machines. But you can find high roller craps players, baccarat players, video poker players, and just about any other type of gambling game player.

One of the main issues for high rollers online is finding games that offer high enough wagering limits.

Once you sign up for an online casino and see the available limits, if they don’t offer what you’re looking for don’t give up. Contact the support department and ask if there’s anything they can do.

While some online casinos won’t make an effort to help you, many are willing to see if they can provide what you need in order to secure your play.


If you’ve spent more than five minutes searching for information about online casinos or casino games you know that hundreds of online casinos offer deposit bonuses to players.

But did you know that many online casinos will offer special bonuses to high rollers?

Most high roller bonuses aren’t available to the general public so after you sign up for an online casino you’ll need to contact the support department.

If you plan to bet hundreds of thousands of Rand on the slot machines you should be able to find at least a 100% matching bonus on your entire deposit, no matter how large it is, and possibly even 200% or more bonuses plus generous reload bonuses.

Cash Back Deals

I mentioned cash back deals for high rollers in the perks section above.

Some casinos will agree to give a percentage of losses in a session or over a fixed time back to high rollers.

Here’s an example:

A casino agrees to give back 25% of the total losses a high roller blackjack player has over a weeklong trip. The blackjack player loses a total of 500,000 Rand during the week so the casino refunds 125,000 Rand at the end of the trip. If the player has a winning week they don’t owe the casino anything.

Casinos are hesitant to offer these types of deals because advantage players have used these deals to make money from the casino in a few situations. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ask.

If you play slot machines at a high roller level you shouldn’t play unless you can get a cash back deal of some sort. Unless you are lucky enough to hit a big jackpot you’ll lose money playing slots over time. The least the casino can do is offer something special to keep you coming back for more.


The common theme for many of the things high rollers have access to discussed above is you might have to ask in order to find out exactly what you can get. Don’t hesitate to ask for exactly what you want and if one casino isn’t willing to offer favorable deals you can ask another.

Keep track of your play so you can show new casinos exactly what type of play you can offer in return for the perks and bonuses you want.