Craps Casinos

If you’ve ever been in a live casino during their busy hours you’ve probably seen or heard the commotion that often surrounds the craps table.

Players get caught up in the action and cheer on the shooter and groan or boo when she craps out.

If you’ve never played craps before the first time you look at the table can be a bit intimidating. The felt is covered with multiple wagering options and the terminology used by the players and casino personnel is a language of its own.

Don’t worry though, because getting started is easy and playing online is the best way to get started. You don’t have to worry about making a mistake or asking for help.

Even if you want to play at your local casino sign up for one of the casinos reviewed on this site that accepts South African casino players to learn how to play.

Use the guide below to find a safe online casino, learn a simple but powerful craps strategy, and how to find a sign up bonus to enjoy while you learn the ins and outs of the craps table.

Top Casinos for Online Craps

RankCasinoNew Player BonusRead ReviewVisit Casino
1 Fly Casino110% up to R1,500Read ReviewPlay Now!
2 Omni Casino100% up to R1,400Read ReviewPlay Now!
3 Springbok Casino100% up to R1,500Read ReviewPlay Now!
4 Yebo CasinoUp to R12,000Read ReviewPlay Now!

Differences Between Online and Live Play

All of the bets and game action are the same online as they are in live craps play.

When you play online you’re effectively the shooter every time. In live play the dice are passed to the next person at the table after each round of play.

The dice rolls online are completely random based on the computer software platform and the random number generator it uses.

While it probably won’t make a difference in the long run, when the dice are thrown by a person in live play there’s a possibility the rolls aren’t 100% random. A dice shooter can alter the outcome of each throw by the way they hold the dice, set the dice, and throw them.

I’m not saying they can make the dice land on a particular number at will, though some players believe this is possible.

The only other major difference is the lack of social interaction during online play. The craps table in your local casino is filled with talk and interaction with other players and the casino personnel running the table. You don’t have any of this when playing online.

In live play you can occasionally receive an incorrect pay out. While this is rare it does happen. I’ve never seen it happen while playing online. An incorrect pay out isn’t always against you. Sometimes you get too much instead of not enough.

Finding a Casino

Finding a safe online casino where you can play craps in South Africa is fairly easy.

The first thing you need to do is find a casino that accepts South African players and preferably one that accepts deposits in Rand.

I’ve made this easy by reviewing many of these casinos on this site. Simply head over to the reviews section and you’ll quickly find numerous online casinos where you can play.

The next thing you need to make sure of is finding a safe SA online casino.

I only recommend casinos that I trust with my own money so after you read the reviews and find a place you like all you have to do is make a deposit and start playing.

Basic Strategy

One of the best things about craps is how easy it is to play using the best strategy.

While you can place dozens of different wagers, the only one you need to start is the pass line or the don’t pass line. Either of these bets offers the lowest house edge on the table.

This is the only bet you need to play craps, but you can also place an odds wager after a point has been set. The odds bet is offered with a house edge of zero so it’s a great bet to place.

After a point is set on a come out roll slide your odds bet out behind your pass line or don’t pass line bet.


Every online casino has a huge sign up bonus advertised. Many of these show thousands of Rand available.

While all of these bonuses look great, most of them aren’t for craps players. Most deposit bonuses are designed for slots players. Some of these bonuses can be used to play craps but play at the craps table will only count for a small percentage toward the clearing requirements.

All is not lost for craps players though, because some online casinos offer table game bonuses specifically for craps and other games.

It’s easy to find out more. When you follow one of the links from one of my reviews to a casino home page, look for the promotions or bonus details page. Read the description of the bonus and then the terms and conditions.

The important thing is not to assume a bonus is good for craps play unless you see it clearly in writing. Feel free to contact support with questions, but keep a record of the conversation and who you spoke with.

If you don’t see a bonus that you can use for craps play, ask support if they can help.

Bonuses and promotions change from time to time so check the bonuses and promotions pages often for new opportunities.


Finding a casino offering craps to South Africa based players is easy when you use the guide on this web site. All of the details are included on this page on what to look for and the safest SA casinos are in the review section.

Once you start playing stick with the simple basic strategy listed above. If you can find a bonus, when you combine it with the best strategy it can help you play longer and have a chance to hit a lucky streak and win a few Rand.