Blackjack Casinos

South Africa is home to plenty of casinos, but the online casino market has been slow to materialize. This has left all the blackjack players looking for the best places to play when they couldn’t visit a local casino.

Now some of the top online blackjack casinos have started offering their services to players who live in South Africa and players who want to make deposits in Rand.

RankCasinoNew Player BonusRead ReviewVisit Casino
1 Fly Casino110% up to R1,500Read ReviewPlay Now!
2 Omni Casino100% up to R1,400Read ReviewPlay Now!
3 Springbok Casino100% up to R1,500Read ReviewPlay Now!
4 Yebo CasinoUp to R12,000Read ReviewPlay Now!

If you’ve taken the time to look around the Casino South Africa web site you know it’s dedicated to the safest and best online casinos in the market. This includes helping you find the best blackjack casinos for South Africa players as well.

Software Considerations

When you consider slot machines the casino software platform hosting the games is important because each software has a different set of machines. You can find the same types of machines, but different games, names, and features on different software platforms.

While the blackjack games differ a little bit from online casino to online casino, you don’t find as wide a gap between games as you do when you play slots.

In the end the playing experience for online blackjack is basically the same for Real Time Gaming, Microgaming, Rival Gaming, Net Entertainment, Playtech, and every other online casino.

The only difference worth looking into is the rules variations for each software platform.

One of the best blackjack games available to South Africa players is available at Omni Casino. They use a Playtech back end and have favorable rules for players. The dealer stands on a soft 17, you can double after split, and can double on any two cards. This creates a game that has less than a half percent house edge when you play using perfect strategy. They also offer a blackjack surrender game that creates an even smaller house edge.

The basic blackjack game offered by Real Time Gaming casinos isn’t quite as favorable as the one Playtech uses, but it’s still close to a half percent house edge.

In the long run the average player won’t lose enough playing the lesser game of these two in a year to buy a case of pop.

The reason I’m going into such depth is because if you compare the rules and find them the same or close to the same you can play online blackjack on any of the casinos listed on this site without worrying too much about the software platform.

If you’re worried about squeezing every last tenth or hundredth of a percent out of your online blackjack play simply learn the best strategy for blackjack surrender and play the game offered by Omni I mentioned above. You won’t find a better game online.

Finding a Casino

The reviews on this site have information about the casinos that offer play to South African players. Take a look at each review and pick two that offer different software platforms.

Follow the links in the reviews and sign up for a free account at each casino. Try the different blackjack games for free and then pick the casino you prefer to make your first deposit.

If you live in South Africa and aren’t interested in the casinos I‘ve listed on this site you may be out of luck. You can find other options but you have to worry about the safety of sites I don’t list. The blackjack casinos listed here are safe and have established a track record of quality customer service.


Every online casino has a flashy deposit bonus for first time players and have it splashed all over their banners and their main web site.

What most players don’t realize is these bonuses are usually only available for slots players, keno players, and scratch off ticket players. These games have a high house edge and the casinos want you to play them so you end up losing the bonus before you can clear it and make a cash out request.

Some online casinos offer special blackjack bonuses or table game bonuses, but you usually have to dig through their promotions to find them. The casinos know if you play with the proper strategy you can play a lot of blackjack hands without going broke.

Most bonuses that the online casinos let you use to play blackjack and other table games have a large play through requirement.

Slots bonuses usually have a 25 times to 50 times play through, but I’ve seen blackjack bonus play through requirements as high as 500 times.

And remember that it isn’t just the bonus amount that has to be cleared. You have to multiply the play through by both the bonus and your deposit.

Even though blackjack bonuses can be difficult to find and have large play through requirements, I still support using them if you plan to play blackjack anyway.

In the long run the online casino will grind your bankroll down even if you do play perfect strategy. A bonus will help you play longer by giving you a larger bankroll.

If you play long enough the house will take your money so the play through requirements are only a concern if you hit a long lucky streak and get up a great deal on the casino.


Online blackjack casinos offer some of the best odds of any casino games you can play. Try out a few different blackjack options and see if you can get a great bonus to start playing for real money right away.

Let me share a secret to extending your online playing time.

Most online blackjack players play a fast as they can, getting close to 200 hands per hour in if they’re fast. Instead of being in such a hurry, take a few moments between decisions and hands. Once you get used to a slower pace of play you won’t feel any different and you’ll be able to play much longer on the same bankroll.

If you go from playing 200 hands per hour to only playing 50 you can play four times as long. That makes a huge difference in your play and can stretch your entertainment money a great deal.